Monday, April 2, 2012

Catch up

We haven't updated in a bit due to us finally taking the time to unpack. We have most of the office and kitchen unpacked and setup.

Our new oven came and I have to say it looks pretty damn impressive (pics to follow for the install). When investigating the install process, we found the line going to the old cook top was only rated for 30amps (it was just a gas cook top) This new oven has gas for the burners, and electric for the dual ovens so its going to require a bit more juice.

We had an electrician come out because I had a sneaking suspicion that we needed to upgrade our service (we are running on 100 amps, its an old house) The electrician agreed, and we are now stalled on this project as we wait for PECO.

We had our first run in with gas plumbing putting a new shut-off valve on the line going to the new stove. No explosions :)

I am still slowly working my way through the houses electric. I now have a full map of all the circuits in a nice happy visio diagram. I've also started replacing all the light switches in the house (for aesthetics as well as saftey... some switches would spark and not work so well)

I think the next large project (while the stove/oven is on hold) will be the lower living room (which Halley has lovingly named "the pit")

Slow and steady progress :)

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