Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mid-week range installation!

When we bought the house, we knew there would need to be some upgrades to the appliances.  We didn't realize how quickly we would need a new range.  There was a gas cook top with only two of the burners barely "functioning" and an electric wall oven that barely crept to 250 degrees when being preheated to 400+ for over an hour.

I really like baking and fell in love with this monster after a lot of research.  It has dual electric ovens, the bottom of which is convection, for super even baking.  The burners are gas, because that is top notch for stove type applications.  I couldn't find it at the local scratch and dent stores (there was no way this would cross the threshold of our house at the list price of $2,500).  I eventually found on for $1,300 off with free shipping at a Sears in Minneapolis.  Sold!  Once we got it in the door, we opened the installation manual and found that the ovenator draws a minimum of 40 amps.  Since our panel is only 100 amps and our inspector recommended that we upgrade the panel at some point, we decided now would be a great opportunity.

Today, after over a month of wrangling our electrician, we finally had the appropriate connections to set up the range.  Although this represents only half of what we hired them to do, PECO refused assist in the upgrade of the supply line to the house which requires some digging due to all the rain today.  Not a drop has fallen here since the wee hours of the morning and it is currently sunny so you can probably imagine my eye twitching with frustration.  PECO did do us the courtesy of stopping by in one of their huge trucks just to make sure we weren't doing the project today.  Not sure why that was necessary.  The upgrade of the supply line to support 200 amp service is scheduled for May 29th, barring any other foul weather.

Anyway the range is installed and I can bore you with the saga of our electrician another time.  Now is time to make a cake for dinner (yes that will be the only menu item) and dance with excitement of our success.

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