Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Master bedroom

All this week Halley's Brother John has been helping us remove wallpaper and paint the master bedroom. Hes been actually sleeping at the house so he can wake up and work in the morning as well.

He has been doing this for a while so his knowledge has been insanely useful for us. We started by trying to remove the wallpaper, but found two layers. Then we decided to paint over and sand the seams, but then the first layer started to peel off by itself... So John removed the first layer, and sanded the second.

We put up the final paint color today, along with the crown molding and painted the doors. And finally ripped up the carpet to find awesome hardwood floors.


  1. Wow! The house is looking fantastic - or at least the master is. It is no longer a green eye sore. And most importantly, Molly seems to like it.

  2. Nice hardwood floors. Bonus!