Monday, March 19, 2012

Pretty much done with master bedroom

Thanks to my brother John's ultra generous gift of work time on our house as a wedding present, we went from this monstrosity:
To this, fantastic room!

To be clear, under the hideous striped wallpaper was painted wallpaper.  The ceiling was wallpapered.  There were 7 different shades of green and brown, which barely coordinated with each other.  The carpet really does look like a putting green...playing through!  We tried in a section to remove both layers, but the quality of the underlying drywall lent itself to deep gouging.  John made the executive decision that we would hide the wallpaper rather than remove it.  The striped wallpaper bubbled up after two coats of Kilz primer and needed to be removed anyway, a terrible mess.  He installed crown molding (by himself, not an easy task) and was kind enough to fix the error's Matt and I made when we were "helping" to cut in around the trim.  It took him over 35 hours to get it to this state and we are eternally grateful!  Thank you John!

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